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In India, the wooden carvings are made of Sandalwood, Rosewood and country teak wood. Traditionally, the hand crafted wooden figures and statues are based on holy scriptures and inspired by mythology, religious and cultural themes.
The pure and real sandal wood which is known for its fragrance is procured by 'Amber' from the original source from South India for its best quality which is then treated and seasoned. This is then handed over to some of the country's finest craftsmen for workmanship. The sharp eyes and dexterous hands of the artisan bring out the fine intricacies of the sculpture and make the unique in their own way.
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Sandalwood Ganesh
Rs. 15000
Sandalwood Buddha Head
Rs. 1770
Sandalwood Hanuman
Rs. 1950
Sandalwood Folded Hands
Rs. 975
Sandalwood Ganesh
Rs. 3600
Sandalwood Ambari
Rs. 2290
Sandalwood Ambari
Rs. 2680
Sandalwood Saraswati
Rs. 3100
Sandalwood Buddha
Rs. 6500
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